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What is
biological age?
As we age, our organisms gradually lose the ability to maintain health: the risks of many non-infectious diseases, such as diabetes or heart attack, double every 8 years on average (Zenin et al., 2019).
Bioage shows how your personal risks differ from that of your age and sex group. Let's say your bioage is 42 years, while you are 45 years old: it means that your risk of getting any of major age-related diseases is equal to that of people three years younger than you (Pyrkov, Fedichev, 2019).
What's next?
How to use your bioage
Check your habits
Unlike chronological age, your biological age is subject to changes. Quitting smoking, regular exercises, healthy sleep and healthy diet may help to lower your age-related risks.
Take a survey once again
According to our observations, changes in your bioage become noticeable within a month. We will remind you to calculate your bioage once again when the time comes, but you are welcome to do it as often as you want. Real-time monitoring of your risks is available through our research-based Gero Healthspan app.
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Track your health risks on the go!
For those who prefer constant monitoring of their age-related risks we have developed a free research-based app Gero Healthspan.

Our AI analyses the patterns of your moves recorded by smartphone sensor and compares it to the activity and medical data of 10 000 NHANES and 100 000 UK Biobank study participants. It allows us to accurately predict the age when you will probably get the first serious age-related disease.

To sign up, use the same email address you entered at the previous step, and we will automatically add your answers to your profile to improve predictions.You can also submit your email using green Gero Bioage card on the main screen.