Personalized AI-driven lifestyle/nutrition/prescription medication recommendation system
We build a lifestyle/nutrition and eventually pharmacological recommendation system that provides API tools to measure and promote longevity and wellness
About GERO mHealth
Our team has a deep expertise in research of the aging process.

Our technology provides real time non-invasive monitoring of biological age from surveys and streaming data from wearable and mobile devices.

Aging in humans is associated with growing risks of acquiring age-related chronic health conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases. Healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition and eventually prescription drugs can efficiently mitigate those risks and prolong health, wellness, productivity and longevity.
Biological Age
Biological age can be measured in different biological signals. Blood tests and more sophisticated analyses of blood samples such as proteome or DNA methylation are the most trusted source of physiological data for estimating of bioage.

Wearable and mobile devices offer an unmatched opportunity for continuous monitoring of health/stress status based on biological age calculated from step counts and heart rate data streams.

Unique feature of our technology is a neural network trained to find patterns of changes in physical activity level throughout the day that are exactly related to better health and longevity.

Our technology is first in class to make sense of day-to-day fluctuations in number of steps taken or number of hours sleeping. We offer a step ahead of simply giving everyone the same recommendation to take more steps each day to be more physically active. It is now possible to distinguish healthy and unhealthy even among those who are all physically active.
Know What is Good for You
Real time and non-invasive monitoring of biological age using wearable and mobile devices adds new value by transforming them to a new artificial organ to measure aging.

Data loop provided by changes in biological age in response to lifestyle, nutrition choices and prescription medication enables AI-driven personalized recommendation system to discover new anti-aging and pro-longevity interventions.
B2C subscription for personalized longevity and lifestyle, nutrition and prescription medication recommendation system in web interface and mobile app.

If you want to know what really does work for you and what does not - our app can help you find out.

B2B(2C) API for personalized recommendations and objective biological age measurements.

Corporate wellness and reinsurance providers as well as health- and fintness apps may find it useful to augment their customer's experience.

If you want to know what really works for your customers to improve longevity - our AI recommendation system based on a feedback data loop can help you personalize your product.