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Gero is a group of companies that develops new drugs and biomarkers to treat complex diseases. We are pioneering a drug discovery based on Whole Exome Sequencing data. Gero targets discovery (including in-house anti-aging research) is based on the analysis of big datasets of biomedical data.
Gero’s research team is skilled in the physics of complex dynamic systems. We have presented our unique approach in Frontiers in Genetics. What is unique in our approach is that we combine the potential of deep neural networks with the physical models to study dynamical processes and empower the next-generation artificial intelligence platform for biomarker and drug discovery.
Gero conducts high-quality research studies backed by collaboration with researchers from the leading global institutions such as the Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Edinburgh, National University of Singapore, and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center to develop new therapies. The company is a regular contributor to peer-reviewed journals. Gero’s AI platform is currently in use to develop new therapies, reposition existing drugs, forecast chronic toxicity, and for clinical decision support.
The recently emerged Whole-Exome Sequencing data, 200k people, became available to a few players but still lacks statistical power for drug discovery in most diseases. Gero is the first who managed to utilize it successfully in a wide range of indications. identifies rare mutations sufficiently affecting health from real-world big clinical and genetic (WES) and molecular data and then suggests druggable targets and drugs (mimicking or inhibiting) the effect of mutation to treat the disease.
According to the research, the genetic link between target and disease increases the chances of passing the Phase II clinical trial almost twice. At Gero, we know how to do drug discovery from Whole-Exome Sequencing data to rapidly discover novel targets in human data and improve clinical trial success much more than that.
We are able to aggregate the effects of multiple rare mutations on the level of biological processes and pathways and give you multiple choices of interventions with the required effect.
GERO is Validated in Mice
In 2019, in the lab of one of the world's most recognized aging researchers Brian Kennedy (National University of Singapore / Buck Institute for Research on Aging), we demonstrated outstanding results. It is an unprecedented achievement both for aging research and AI Drug Discovery as a whole.
We reduced frailty index, senescent cell burden, improved survival, and synaptic plasticity in old mice with a single injection probe by the mechanism predicted with our technology — project status: advanced negotiations for acquisition by one of the market leaders. has successfully identified and validated a human target for systemic senolytic. We achieved systemic rejuvenation in old mice with a single injection probe by the mechanism predicted with our technology.
Gero is funded by AI champions, including AIMATTER founders (recently acquired by Google). In 2019, Gero was also named as one of the leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence for lifespan extension along with Google and IBM.
Key collaborators
Robert J. Shmookler Reis, PhD
Longevity pioneer, Professor and Udupa Chair in Geriatrics, Reynolds Institute on Aging/Dept. of Geriatrics; Professor of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Pharmacology/Toxicology, Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Brian Kennedy, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Physiology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS, Singapore, Buck Institute for Research on Ageing, Novato, CA, USA.
Andrei Gudkov, PhD
Senior Vice President of Research Programming and Development of Roswell Park Cancer Institute.CSO of Everon Biosciences, founded in 2010 in a partnership with Roswell Park Cancer Institute with the goal of developing anti-aging medicines.
Vadim Gladyshev, PhD
Professor of Medicine, professor at Harvard Medical School & Brigham and Women's Hospital. Expert and pioneer in antioxidant/redox biology
Yuri Aulchenko, PhD
CSO and Founder of PolyOmica
Honorary Professor of the University of Edinburgh, listed among "The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds" in the category "Molecular Biology & Genetics"by Thomson-Reuters.
Careers in GERO.AI
We are a next-gen AI for Drug Discovery company making cutting-edge science and continuously looking for great people to join a fast-growing team of like-minded pioneers to solve some of the most critical problems humanity faces.
We are looking for:
Machine Learning Research Scientist
We are looking for a research fellow who has an experience of working at an academic lab and has published their results in scientific papers.

Key responsibilities:
  • Analysis of time series of biological/physiological data 
  • Analysis of omics data
  • Development and testing physical models to describe and fit such data
  • Development of AI systems for insilico drug discovery and repositioning
  • Publication of results in scientific journals
  • PhD in physics, computer science, biophysics or bioinformatics
  • Publications in scientific journals
  • Experience with basic python data-science packages: sklearn, numpy, pandas, scipy
  • Experience with artificial neural networks using Tensorflow or Pytorch
Software Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Business Development Associate (US)
Business Development Associate (EU)
Business Development Associate (APAC)