Gero is founded by the devoted team of scientists and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the area of life sciences and biotech-related business
Peter Fedichev, PhD
Founder & Chief Science Officer
A passionate scientist with a background in biophysics, bioinformatics and condensed matter physics, Peter is the driving force behind our team.
He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam and conducted research at FOM Institute AMOLF (Netherlands) and the University of Innsbruck.
To date, he published over 70 papers covering his research on physics, biophysics and aging biology.
Nikolai Kovtunenko
Chief Executive Officer
Nikolai is second to none in making things happen. A former actuary with a strong background in financial math, he has more than 10 years of experience in capital markets and risk management in NY and Moscow. He held senior positions in global banks and investment companies. At Gero, he uses his skills to coordinate and facilitate the efforts of the team.
Maxim Kholin
Co-Founder & Business Development Director
Maxim is an expert in the fields of biotechnology, drug development, financial management and intellectual property protection. At Gero he is in charge of business development and partnering. Conquering aging and making anti-aging therapies widely available is his ultimate goal.
Kristina Zakurdaeva
Chief Medical Officer
Kristina has strong clinical and scientific expertise that is essential for developing innovative therapies. Prior to Gero she led R&D projects at the Skolkovo Innovation Center and worked as a Scientific Advisor for Oncology at Bristol-Myers Squibb. She has also set up the Foundation for Cancer Research Support. Kristina has over 30 publications and co-authored a scientific discovery of functional activity of ribosomal genes.
Konstantin Avchaciov, PhD
Data Science & Bioinformatics
Olga Burmistrova, PhD
Preclinical Development
Evgeny Getmantsev
Data Science & Bioinformatics
Sergey Kuldin
Chief Technology Officer
Alexey Lyapin
Tim Pyrkov, PhD
Dmitry Shishov, PhD
Andrei Tarkhov
Ksenia Tsvetkova
PR & Communications
Aleksandr Zenin
Data Science & Bioinformatics
Boris Zhurov
Data Science & Bioinformatics