Curing root causes of chronic diseases and slowing down aging itself

Physics-enabled biotechnology company creating therapeutics against chronic diseases with a mission to slow down human aging itself

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We are pioneers in AI for Drug Discovery and Aging Research fields, but we lack deep expertise in every indication. This is why we value collaboration.

If you are a Pharma or a Biotech looking for new targets with novel MoAs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Utilizing whole-exome sequencing data for in-human AI drug discovery

GERO.AI identifies rare mutations sufficiently affecting health from real-world big clinical and genetic (WES) and molecular data and then suggests druggable targets and drugs (mimicking or inhibiting) the effect of mutation to treat the disease.

We are able to aggregate the effects of multiple rare mutations on the level of biological processes and pathways and give you multiple choices of interventions with the required effect.
Our Approach

Hacking aging

Aging is a natural part and the "last mile" of a human development program, and Gero pioneer ways to understand, measure, and, ultimately, control its progression.
Longevity Biotech Gero Entered a Research Collaboration with Pfizer to Discover Potential Targets for Fibrotic Diseases
— "We are excited to work with Pfizer, one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, to potentially identify targets against fibrotic diseases, which have a large unmet need. We believe that combining our platform technology with Pfizer’s extensive disease expertise has the potential to identify high-value targets in this disease area."

Alex Kadet, CBO of Gero.
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